Our Service

Please take our longtime experience to make your dreams and wishes come true! Enjoy your time in Spain from the very first day and let us work for you.

With us you´ll get acquainted with the country and people and will find out everything about the wonderful Mediterranean coast.

We will join you from your arrival up to the entry into your new domicile.

With us you´ll get all important information about real estate and purchase in Span and we let you know where attention should be paid to.

We are working in association with all local notaries, lawyers, tax advisers and banks. We are pleased to establish a correspoding contact for your needs.

In case you wish financing we´ll give you advice about up to date offers and opportunities.

Purchase contracts we´ll adjust personal for you according to the legal specifications and issue them in Spanish and your native language.

Like this you´ll have guarantee in all items! Obviously we prepare everything for the notary assignment to transfer your new acquired estate and of course we will join you to the notary.

All administration of public authority we´ll do for you or together with you! If you need a Spanish tax number or want to apply a residencia, register your permanent residence in Spain or you need a social security number, you can engage our services.

Whether you want to build a new villa or you need handcrafters for renovation and rebuilding you can count on our contacts.

Intersting for buyers and sellers!
Our service for sellers is likewise all-embracing than for buyers. We improve for you all documents of inscription completeness and will help you to get all essential declarations of the architectural association. From the appropriate town halls we obtain all necessary documents and certificates. We give you advise in all judicial and tax questions as well in questions of inheritance. Sellers will get from us a detailed advice and support by calculation of the current market value of their property!

We present your offer for sale on our homepage and on international internet portals. As more we invest in traditional prints and advertise in newspapers and magazines.

Our agents are educated multilingual and therefore we are able to attain international markets and clients.

We are looking forward to you! Just get in touch with us!

Villa del Mar