General terms and conditions

1 ) Exclusion of Liability

Villa del Mar attaches great importance to the correctness of the information and the timeliness of the estates which are offered by them! However, Villa del Mar can not guarantee or take any responsibility of the information which have been given to them. All offers are not-binding and without any obligations. Villa del Mar has all the right to update, modify or remove the offers from the program. Especially when Villa del Mar get’s aware of a possible price indifference. Villa del Mar wants to offer their customers, without obligation, always the latest offers and best deals. Therefore, in case that they’ll get information concerning above mentionned, they will apply immediately the purchase price to the most econommic one. Finally, this company hasn’t got any responsibilities and so is excluded from legal and damage claims, due the information provided by them has purely informative significance and no contractual value.

2)Notification requirement

The seller has to provide any information to Villa del Mar if there has been a promptly change in price or if the property should be taken from sale in case if it has been sold!

3) Intermediation commission

The sales commission as it is usual in Spain must be paid by the seller once the sale has ended successful. The amount of intermediation is a separate agreement.

4) Privacy policy

All personal data and information which have been provided to the company Villa del Mar are given on a voluntary basis under the management of business confidential. Upon request and requirement of the applier, the data will be erased again.


Court of jurisdiction Denia and its higher instances[:es]1) Exclusión de responsabilidad