Benissa has a surprise at every corner. A landscape full of contrasts, surroundings full of history, endless leisure possibilities and the friendliness of its people, are all an invitation to enjoy everything this town has to offer.

It is located between Valencia city and Alicante city and it is near from Calpe. It is easily communicable with other places like Benidorm and Altea. Its excellent climatic conditions year round has given it a beautiful landscape which many tourist take advantage of. It has over 4 kilometres of coast which has proportioned it with a wide range of activities like quiet coves hidden among pine trees or beaches found after climbing done a small cliff.

Some of these hot spots are: el Abogat, el Baladrar, els Pinets or la Fustera. Look for them!

Benissa is rich in monuments. You can visit the perfectly conserved Historical Centre. There you can feel as though you had come upon a huge museum made up of gorgeous buildings and narrow cobbled streets, hundred-year-old walls and ancient stately homes that spoke to be about its history.

Start at the Portal Square. There is a very old hospital that had been built for the poor in 1790. Continuing down until the Purissima Street, you can find an old church that looks like a fortification from the 14th century with a Neo-gothic style. On the right side of this same street there are two noble buildings where there is a branch of the university called Casa Andrew. A few houses away, the oldest building in Benissa – the Lonja (or old trade building) from the XVI century where on the top floor trials were held and on the lower floor important business transactions were carried out, but it is now the Ethnological Museum. In the Jaume I Square contemplate the enormous dimensions of the Cathedral of the Pure Mother Mary, symbol for Benissa, its patron Saint and above all, made by the people from there. Its local festivity for their patron saint is the fourth Sunday in April.

Every town and village, no matter how far or close they are to each other has a special dish to taste and Benissa is no exception. Here the specialty, being true to where it is located, is a stew made with octopus which should be reserved before hand. And if that does not convince you, one of the rice dishes will definitely fill your tummy, accompanied by a good local wine.